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It's been a long, hard road. The road to success, that is. And you've labored every mile of it. Your business was built with blood, sweat - and probably tears. Not to mention time and money. But now you're ready for a change. And you're thinking of selling your company. Maybe you'll retain an ownership percentage. Perhaps you'll simply cash out and retire. Or maybe you'll stay involved in a management capacity. There are many options to selling a business

How do you decide which merger and acquisition / business sales option is best for you? You simply talk to the experts: The Montana Group. The Montana Group is an experienced business brokerage located in Atlanta, Georgia, specializing in selling manufacturing businesses, distribution businesses, and service businesses throughout the United States and Canada. We're entrepreneurs like you. We understand how hard it is to build something from the ground up and we will understand the value you place on your life's investment. When you make the decision to sell a business, we help you determine which of the mergers and acquisitions scenarios are best for you. We work hard to ensure that you make the most of your success.

Since 1991, The Montana Group has brokered with an aggregate transaction value exceeding $400 million in business sales.



The Montana Group after reviewing the necessary financial information and after discussing your
business' dynamics...

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The Montana Group exclusively represents the ownership of private businesses in locating, negotiating, and completing...

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“Now that we have successfully transacted the sale of Austin Hardwoods to BlueLinx I wanted to take a moment to let you know how much I admire the sound judgment that you brought to this endeavor. Your analysis of which companies would constitute the most probable buyers was shrewd. Your steady and patient perspective when..."

Carl Lasner
Austin Hardwoods

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