Since 1991 many businesses have trusted us with their exit strategy.

Emmett Barnes


Like our business style — simple and straightforward:

To find the most qualified, motivated buyer. To structure a mutually beneficial transaction that meets the needs of the seller and the purchaser. To negotiate a maximized acquisition price. In fact, our goal is to exceed our client’s expectations. To complete the sale quickly and efficiently. To promote total confidentiality.

Why Work With Us

  • Experience you can depend on.

  • The Montana Group brings 25+ years of mergers and acquisition experience to each transaction, including in-depth industry knowledge, a sound background in finance and accounting, and especially strong negotiating skills.

  • Accounting.

  • After executing our Listing Agreement The Montana Group provides a recast of your business’ Income Statements and Balance Sheets at no charge. This enhances your business valuation by increasing your cash flow income stream; the most influential component to pricing a business.

  • Our network of buyers.

  • Since our inception in 1991, we focused on developing an extensive buyer database which currently has in excess of 500 prospective business buyers, each with a fund of at least $50 million and a drive to invest it.

  • One-on-one attention.

  • Our Principals are your partners from contact to closing. They will be in constant communication with both you and the buyer to keep the process on track and to attempt to quell every concern.

  • The quiet approach.

  • Our job is to work quickly and quietly for a successful sale, yet minimize the potential disruption for the business.

  • Business evaluation.

  • We will gladly provide a complimentary business valuation for those businesses with a minimum of $2 million of annual pretax profits.

  • No retainer!

  • By not requiring a retainer, it affirms that we will only accept your business listing if we feel comfortable in our ability to sell your business at a price acceptable to you. Consequently, we are in concert with you.


  • Our former president was considering selling the company but really didn’t know where to begin. Then Emmett contacted him with a buyer who was looking for businesses like ours, and everything just clicked. With The Montana Group as our go-between, the process took a lot less time and was much easier than we ever thought possible.
    Brian Warren
    Best Built, Inc.
  • I was considering selling an interest in my company but wasn’t sure what was involved. The Montana Group was very reassuring. Even though we spent six months discussing my options, there was never any high-pressure. Emmett took the time to find a buyer whose strategies matched mine and made the deal happen.
    Rick Barton
    Classic Rope Mfg., Inc.
  • Emmett is uncommonly productive and brings a steady volume of quality transactions for my review. Classic Rope Manufacturing is a perfect example. He clearly understood our investment criteria and Rick Barton’s needs so the process was remarkably efficient.
    Glenn B. Oken
    FCP Investors, Inc.
  • As an owner of a company, you receive many unsolicited offers regarding the sale of your business. We received a similar letter from The Montana Group stating that one of their clients had an interest in acquiring our company, Radnor Alloys. In a follow-up phone conversation to their letter, we found The Montana Group very professional and knowledgeable in corporate mergers and acquisitions.

    The bottom line is that they were committed to our concern for confidentiality and moved the process along as swiftly as practical with the end result being that we sold our company to their client, Harvest Partners / TPS Holdings. We are glad we worked with The Montana Group and will recommend them to others who are interested in selling their business.

    Nick Cannone
    Radnor Alloys, Inc.
  • We had several conversations with Emmett Barnes over a period of time prior to our decision to sell Southern Roasted Nuts. During this time, we discussed our expectations and other aspects of the selling process. So when we were ready to sell, we decided to go with The Montana Group. This was an excellent decision. The eventual buyer was an industry consolidator that we suggested, and The Montana Group clearly enhanced every step of the way. I am certain that had it not been for the team at The Montana Group, the negotiated price would have been substantially less. I highly recommend them.
    Allen Conger
    Southern Roasted Nuts
  • When I first determined to sell my company, Transcraft Corporation, I contacted a number of business brokerages. The Montana Group and Emmett Barnes impressed me for a number of reasons. First, I was impressed by Emmett’s professionalism. I also liked the fact that Emmett’s organization was small enough to provide me personal attention, yet his organization was large enough to make the necessary contacts to locate a buyer.

    Emmett carefully scrutinized potential buyers and only presented me with qualified buyers. His follow up was excellent. Through Emmett’s network of connections, we also located the necessary resource people to finalize the transaction. The bottom line is on July 28, the sale was consummated in the amount of my original sales price. To a great extent, I have Emmett Barnes to thank for that.

    William R. Cunningham
    Transcraft Corporation
  • I would highly recommend Emmett Barnes as a professional business broker. He did a tremendous job assisting Abacus, Inc. in our pursuit of finding a qualified buyer. His experience and marketing savvy was very important to us in finding the right “fit” as well as negotiating on our behalf.

    Abacus, Inc. is in the distribution business with one dominant supplier. We had a difficult situation with this supplier in that we had to get their approval on the sale and transfer of this particular line. Abacus, Inc. as well as the buyer, were extremely satisfied with how Emmett handled this delicate situation. I have known Emmett personally for thirty years and would not hesitate in contracting with him again or referring him to anyone considering buying or selling a business.

    Brian Henry
    Abacus, Inc.
  • I met the fine folks at The Montana Group nine years ago when we were looking to sell our company. Due to some health problems with one of the owners of our company, the transaction never happened. Like a true friend, over the next eight years Emmett called on a regular basis to check on how things were going with me and my company. Over those years, I sought his advice and expertise on offers from many investment groups.

    When my partners and I decided to put our company back on the market Emmett reacted quickly. With his many contacts, in a short time we had an offer we accepted. He also provided me with other professional people who could help us put this together. One of the many things that impressed me about Emmett was how he treated my company as if it was his. That along with his negotiating tactics gave me more time to continue to run my company while the transaction was in process.

    If you are thinking of selling your business and looking for a professional broker, I highly recommend Emmett and his staff at The Montana Group. I am confident you will be pleased with their results.

    Archie McKinnon
    Design Space, Inc.
  • As an owner of a company, you receive many unsolicited offers regarding the sale of your business. We received a similar letter from the Montana Group stating that if we ever wanted to sell American Manufacturing Co. or we were interested in obtaining an equity partner to give them an opportunity to assist us.

    Once a decision was made to find an equity partner that shared our own desires, we made the call to the Montana Group. The process moved very quickly and we joined an equity group that had goals that corresponded with ours. Their assistance made the transaction much smoother for everyone.

    Everett G. Warren
    American Manufacturing Co.
  • Now that we have successfully transacted the sale of Austin Hardwoods to BlueLinx I wanted to take a moment to let you know how much I admire the sound judgment that you brought to this endeavor. Your analysis of which companies would constitute the most probable buyers was shrewd. Your steady and patient perspective when negotiations became difficult was indispensable. I came to always know I could count on your years of experience to yield measured advice.

    On a more personal note I want to let you know how meaningful it was to me when you rearranged your trip after the sale in order to schedule time for us to meet together in Austin. I already felt I had made a friend for life but that visit confirmed it for me. Please do not even hesitate to put a potential client in touch with me if I might help them feel more at ease about retaining The Montana Group.

    Carl Lasner
    Austin Hardwoods
  • The Montana Group is a talented team with a full inventory of buyer relationships. They were extremely effective in quickly assessing the best opportunities for success. Because they understand the nature of transactions, Montana balanced involvement, information and communication with appropriate performance. “Montana Group represented Technical Innovation, LLC in its 2009 sale. As investors, we had a keen interest in the company being well-represented. Emmett and his team did an outstanding job. They took the time to genuinely learn both the company and its industry. I have known Emmett for many years and he is man of both character and competence. I would strongly recommend Montana Group.” – Larry Powell, Investor
    Mike Landrum
    Technical Innovation, LLC
  • Prior to buying Altama on a leveraged buyout, I was an investment banker with a large number of contacts in the brokerage industry. For several important reasons I engaged Emmett Barnes and his Montana Group to sell the company. The Montana Group maintained the strict confidentiality required throughout the selling process performed the quality research to limit the offering to the most probable prospective buyers, rationally determined the fair market value, professionally and artfully negotiated with the interested buyers and, with the highest standards of integrity, conducted its activities to complete the sale. It was a pleasure to do business with Emmett and his team.
    W. Whitlow Wyatt
    Altama Delta, Inc.

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