Benefits of Working with The Montana Group

How can The Montana Group help the Business Owner?
How can The Montana Group help the Business Owner?
November 2, 2016
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January 13, 2017

Benefits of Working with The Montana Group

Experience You Can Depend On: Your talent is running a business. Ours is selling a business. The Montana Group brings many years of mergers and acquisition experience to each transaction, including in-depth industry knowledge, a sound background in finance and accounting, and especially strong negotiating skills. We take the time to get to know you and your business so that we can more accurately represent its value to prospective buyers. We identify the nuances that enhance its worth and desirability. Whether you lead the competition in your geographic territory or industry, boast outstanding customer retention, or have a masterful management team, we will utilize this to negotiate the highest price for your company’s particular expertise. You will walk away from the sale process confident that you have received an exceptional return on your business investment and yet the buyer will feel secure in the knowledge that he has obtained an outstanding company. Since 1991, we have worked hard to ensure that our clients were glad they chose The Montana Group.

Personal Relationships and Hands-On Involvement: Success comes from hard work, a willingness to roll up your shirtsleeves and do whatever it takes to get the job done. You know. You’ve done it. And you can expect the same from The Montana Group. Business Brokerage isn’t a sideline with us. Per our Founder and President, Emmett Barnes, “It’s what we do – all day, every day”.One-on-one Attention: Our Principals are your partners from contact to closing. They will be in constant communication with both you and the buyer to keep the process on track and to attempt to quell every concern. We work toward an orderly and efficient sale of your business.

The Quiet Approach: You didn’t build your business with a lot of fanfare and you don’t want to sell it that way either. That’s why The Montana Group employs its Quiet Approach to business brokerage. When you select The Montana Group as your business broker, you are engaging the resources of professionals who understand the need for efficiency and confidentiality. Our job is to work quickly and quietly for a successful sale, yet minimize the potential disruption for the business. Your job is to conduct business as usual to ensure the continued success of your company. It’s a proven partnership that works.

No Retainer: By not requiring a retainer, it affirms that we will only accept your business listing if we feel comfortable in our ability to selling a business at a price acceptable to you. Consequently, we are in concert with you.

Business Evaluation: We will gladly provide a complimentary business valuation for those businesses with a minimum of $2 million of annual pretax profits.

Experience: All Partners involved have a minimum of 15+ years of experience selling businesses.

Accounting: After executing our Listing Agreement The Montana Group provides a recast of your business’ Income Statements and Balance Sheets at no charge. This enhances your business valuation by increasing your cash flow income stream; the most influential component to pricing a business.

Our Network of Buyers: Since our inception in 1991, we focused on developing an extensive buyer database which currently has in excess of 500 prospective business buyers, each with a fund of at least $50 million and a drive to invest it. Our goal is to locate potential buyers who have an enthusiasm for acquiring within the industry of our client. The dynamics affecting the appetite for acquisition change constantly so it is essential that we continually expand our reach for the perfect match. Of course, we always get our client’s approval on which we approach to discuss the purchase of their Company. We know that a key to the success of The Montana Group is our comprehensive database of qualified and motivated buyers and the relationships we have built with them.