What makes The Montana Group the best option for selling a business?

Estimated Time in Selling a Company
Estimated Time in Selling a Company
July 10, 2016
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September 11, 2016
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There are many various options when selling a business. Of course, one option is selling the business without representation. While this does indeed “save” the transaction fee the money saved is costly, as an accomplished intermediary will increase the sales price significantly over the fee saved. Another option would be to use a business owner’s attorney or accountant to act as the intermediary. This too can also prove costly as it is unlikely that these advisors have extensive experience is selling operating businesses and are unlikely to have the database and relationship with those additional buyers needed to create a competition necessary to increase the price for the seller.

The Montana Group has for 25 years sold profitable operating businesses with at least $2 million of pre-tax profits that are in the manufacturing, distribution, or service sectors. As our website (www.montanagroup.com) will illustrate we have sold businesses throughout the United States. We have a thorough database of 100’s of buyers with an understanding of their acquisition criteria, thus enabling us to contact well funded potential business acquirers. The Montana Group offers its services on a success based fee structure (no retainer) that aligns its interest with the owner’s, the transaction structure and price. This fee structure is highly unusual in the business brokerage world. These services include an accountant review to allow for the financial presentation in the format that best promotes the company and this includes the recasting of the historical income statements which increases the value of the business. As consultants The Montana Group has recommendations of those needed throughout all aspects of the sale process in order to increase the likelihood that the transaction indeed closes to the satisfaction of all.

It should also be reinforced that because The Montana Group does NOT charge a retainer then it is apparent that they feel confident in their ability to initiate and complete the sale of a company as only this results in a fee paid. It should also be noted that The Montana Group’s listing consulting agreement allows either party to cancel the agreement with a 30-day notice. This termination is also very unusual.

“Selling a business is a once-in-a-lifetime and lifestyle change that often affects multiple generations. So, use a specialist with years of experience. While this can be done by the business owner in an attempt to be frugal, our 25 years with this specific focus tells us that often the owner is reducing the sale price in multiples over the money saved from not paying a success-based consulting fee.”, says Emmett Barnes, President and Founder of The Montana Group.