Businesses Sold

A sample of businesses sold across the USA

Abacus Supply (GA)
Altama Delta Combat Boots (GA)
American Manufacturing Display (TN)
Armistead Paint (GA)
Atlanta Commercial Display Vans (GA)
Austin Hardwoods (TX)
Best Built Windows & Doors (WA)
Can-Do National Tape Company (TN)
Classic Rope (TX)
Consolidated Lumber (MO & KS)
Contour Glass (TN)
Corporate Environments (GA)
Design Space Modular Buildings (GA)
Dixie Diamond Saw Blades (GA)
Dumas Manufacturing (AL)
Fagen’s Building Supply (FL)
Holmes & Shaw (TX)
HPA Monon (IL)
Knight’s Mulch (FL)
Les Metaux (Canada)
Radnor Alloys (PA & TX)
Southern Roasted Nuts (GA)
Technical Innovation (GA)
Thermal Industries (PA)
Thomas Pipe & Steel (LA)
Transcraft Trailers (OH & KY)