Our consulting services provide you with an accurate valuation of your business based on the current market conditions. We also offer suggestions you can use to enhance the value of your business, many of which will be simple to implement. We have been involved in mergers and acquisitions since 1991, so we know what characteristics appeal to buyers and what issues cause concern. We use this experience to help you understand how prospective buyers will view your business, as well as develop strategies to improve the business' appeal and overall value.

When we provide consulting services, we also allow ask our accountant to recast financial data in the format preferred by potential buyers. During this process, our accountant will review your balance sheets and income statements and construct budgets for the remaining fiscal year and the upcoming one.

"Selling a business is a once-in-a-lifetime and lifestyle change that often affects multiple generations. So, use a specialist with years of experience. While this can be done by the business owner in an attempt to be frugal, our 25 years with this specific focus tells us that often the owner is reducing the sale price in multiples over the money saved from not paying a success-based consulting fee."

- Emmett Barnes, President and Founder of The Montana Group.

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