Issues to Consider When Structuring a Business Sale:

Selecting a Representative to Sell a Business
Selecting a Representative to Sell a Business
April 13, 2017
The Montana Group's Advantages
The Montana Group’s Advantages
June 4, 2017

Of course, the cash received at closing is the single most important consideration however there are many other issues, which we encourage our clients to consider:

  • Any unusual business agreements, issues, or relationships that need to be addressed with the buyer before the closing?
  • Is there an interest in retaining any ownership?
  • Is there an interest in continuing to run the business post-sale? If so, what is the preferred amount of time?
  • Is there an interest in receiving a seller note as part of the overall sale proceeds?
  • Would you object to selling to a competitor, as they will know of your customers, your margins, your employees, and your method of operation BEFORE the sale is completed?
  • Is there a preference to sell to a buyer who will need your staff? If so, a competitor may not need them as your operation could be folded into their existing operation.
  • Any assets on the company balance sheet that are not essential to the operation of the business that you would like distributed to you?
  • Is there a Profit Sharing Plan distribution or rollover that needs addressing?
  • Are there any tax considerations from the sale that would be prudent to discuss with an advisor before the sale?

The Montana Group does not charge a retainer so its success-based only fee is motivating and mutually beneficial. Contact us for a complimentary valuation. In our 26 years we have many many successful transactions that started with a similar introduction.