The Montana Group: Our Story

Buyer: Financial or Strategic
September 6, 2017
Preparing the Company for Sale
Preparing the Company for Sale
November 7, 2017
The Montana Group: Our Story

The Montana Group, unlike most in our industry, does not charge a retainer to manage the process of selling a business and our listing agreement allows the seller to cancel the agreement if so desired. We feel that we should be paid only if successful. We, too, are entrepreneurial as we put our faith (not the company owner’s money) behind our decision to accept the assignment to sell a business. Our fee structure was developed to align us with our client’s interest, maximizing the proceeds from the sale. This is accomplished by increasing the fee percentage only after our client’s minimum acceptable price is exceeded. We have many happy clients who will enthusiastically confirm that this arrangement was extremely beneficial to them.

Over the years, The Montana Group has developed a nationwide network of active private equity investors (500+) with a minimum fund of $50 million. These private equity buyers acquire or invest in profitable, mid-sized companies in the manufacturing, distribution and service industries. In our 25+ years, our buyers have ranged from New York Stock Exchange corporations to private equity groups to individuals purchasing a company for the first time. We thoroughly research potential buyers to determine not only their target markets and purchase strategies but to confirm their financial resources. Whatever their profile, our buyers look for established successful businesses with positive growth potential. These buyers are well-funded, motivated, and ready to act. And each of them is reminded of the need for confidentiality and a quick response. Our goal is total confidentiality….. a private and expeditious transaction.

  • How long does the process take? This is dependent on how soon the necessary information can be obtained from the Company but a normal benchmark is 6 months.
  • Any out-of-pocket costs? Only a reimbursement for our travel expenses to your company.
  • What business sectors? Manufacturing, Distribution, and Service.
  • Operating profit history requirements? Yes, a minimum of $1 million in annual pretax profits.
  • Geography? Continental USA & Canada.
  • What issues make selling the business difficult? – Significant reduction in sales & cash flow.
  • Can The Montana Group help position a business for a later sale? Yes, we have done this many times in our 25+ year history.
  • Can the Sale Process be low-key and relatively quiet where my employees, competitors, and customers will likely not know? Yes, this is often the request of our consulting client, the Owner.