The Montana Group’s Sale Process Explained

When Selecting the Advisor to Sell your Business?
When Selecting the Advisor to Sell your Business?
February 2, 2016
Before Selling Your Business
Before Selling Your Business 
April 5, 2016

Sale Process Explained:

  • Initial discussions with the Owners to allow us to get to know each other.
  • Review of historical financial statements and Company marketing material.
  • Discussions concerning price expectations.
  • Execution of the Listing Agreement.
  • Receipt of necessary material to reconstruct the financial data and to assemble the Offering Memorandum.
  • Initial “Blind” email teaser to determine which of our Private Equity Groups has a current interest in the Company that we are now marketing. Also, specific marketing within the Company’s focus if so instructed by the Seller.
  • Execute a Confidentiality Agreement with each prospective Buyer.
  • Provide the Executive Summary of the Company to the Buyers.
  • Initial discussions to determine the level of interest with each Buyer.
  • Provide the complete Offering Memorandum which includes Financial Information.
  • Discussion with each Buyer to determine those that qualify to proceed.
  • Individual conference call with Seller, Buyer and the Montana Group.
  • Buyer provides non-binding valuation range.
  • Those with acceptable valuations are allowed a visit with Seller either on premise or offsite.
  • Buyers provide an offer sheet which is discussed with the Seller.
  • A Buyer is selected and the Due Diligence process begins which includes the assembly of much information and many meetings to discuss the Company.
  • A successful closing!