The Montana Group’s Advantages

Issues to Consider When Structuring a Business Sale
Issues to Consider When Structuring a Business Sale:
April 30, 2017
Potential Stumbling Blocks During the Sale Process
Potential Stumbling Blocks During the Sale Process
July 10, 2017

The Montana Group’s Advantages:

•    No Retainer – therefore we will not accept a business listing unless we feel comfortable in our ability to sell your company at a price acceptable to you.

•    Business Evaluation – we will gladly provide a complimentary business valuation for those businesses with a minimum of $1 million of annual pretax profits.

•    There are no associates to work on selling your business. All Partners involved have a minimum of 15+ years of experience selling profitable operating businesses.

•    Accounting: The Montana Group provides without charge a recast of your business’ Income Statement and Balance Sheet. This enhances the value of your business by increasing your cash flow, the most influential component to pricing a business.•    Our database of prospective buyers exceeds 600, each with at least $50 million raised to invest. We also have the ability to source those potential buyers within a particular business sector.

•    We recommend that the Seller continue operating the business as usual and let us use our nineteen years of experience ushering the process toward the goal of our client.

•    Our Fee Structure is designed to exceed the Seller’s expectation. The Montana Group receives an increased percentage once the transaction exceeds the Seller’s acceptable price.

The Montana Group has since 1991 worked with business owners that are interested in selling all or a large part of their business. We know where to go to sell them and how to present the necessary material in the optimum way. We will suggestion proven methods to enhance the overall proceeds at closing.